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Marvel Art Scale Statue 1/10 Venom 25 cm


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Above a metallic technological structure, the terrible and lethal villain moves forward, stomping and breaking a cylindric structure with green stained-glass, with the viscous tar mass escaping between the fissures. Taking the shape over the outlines of his host’s big muscles, covered by a complex network of veins and arteries of this dark substance, the monstrous creature forms a shape tensioning big claws in the tips of his fingers and threatening any adversary while he opens his big jaws, exposing his sharp fangs and a large viscous tongue. Thus, Iron Studios present the statue “Venom – Spider-Man vs Villains – BDS Art Scale 1/10”, with one of Spider-Man’s most lethal and terrible enemies, just like in its original concept from the comic books from the 1990s, in a set that can be completed with the statue “Spider-Man Deluxe – Spider-Man vs Villains – Art Scale
1/10”, with the friendly neighborhood superhero in another exclusive version by Iron Studios.

Iron Studios will also bring the Deluxe version “Venom Deluxe – Spider-Man vs Villains – Art Scale 1/10”, with a base with tendrils of the tar alien biomass appearing as if they were breaking out from a prison in the shape of a cylindric structure with green stained-glass parts by his feet, next to tentacles that replicate his mouth and teeth at the tips, aiming to capture his prey.

Venom was created by David Michelinie, Mike Zeck, and Todd McFarlane in 1984; an alien creature called Klyntar Symbiote, he first appeared in the limited series Secret Wars,
where he appeared in the shape of the iconic Spider-Man black costume, who didn’t know he was wearing a living creature. The alleged costume enhanced the hero’s powers, but also his aggressiveness. When he discovered that the costume was actually a living being that fed on the energy of his hosts to survive, the hero detached from the creature, that ended up merging with Eddie Brock, a failed journalist that hated both Spider-Man and his alter ego Peter Parker. The origin of Brock as Venom happened in 1988, and since then he became one of the arachnid hero’s worst enemies, but also acting sometimes as an anti-hero vigilante self-describing himself as the Lethal Protector.

Already available for Pre-Order and revealed for the first time on the Inside Iron Studios Day show of April on Iron Studios’ official YouTube channel, this statue opens the Spider-Man vs Villains line, a line that will form a fantastic diorama set, and will bring statues of other popular and iconic villains and characters from the Spider-Man universe in the Marvel Comics. For future news be sure to follow Iron Studios’ social media and official channels.