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Street Fighter

Cammy & Birdie

Street Fighter PVC Statues 1/10 Cammy & Birdie 24 cm


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Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Street Fighter Street Jam: Cammy & Birdie 1:10 Scale Collectible Set.

This pair of two Street Fighter collectible 1:10 scale collectible statues is the fifth installment in the PCS Street Jam line based on the iconic poster from Udon Entertainment showcasing a selection of fan-favorite characters from the Street Fighter franchise.

Prepare for a British invasion with this duo of fully sculpted Street Fighter champions from across the pond. Combining class and sass, Cammy and Birdie bring an unbeatable cheeky charm to the Street Fighter: Street Jam series.

Cammy crouches down onto her black combat boots as she winds up a precise punch in preparation for her next opponent. The blue-eyed operative sports her classic long blonde braids under a red beret embellished with the Delta Red insignia.

Punk Brute Birdie’s got an attitude as big as his biceps, furrowing his brow and licking his weaponized accessory chains. His signature blonde Mohawk contrasts his brown mustache as it stands upright despite the stylized hole carved out.

Donning her iconic green leotard and red gauntlets, Cammy completes her look with camouflage-painted legs and red socks. Birdie keeps it cool in his all-denim attire, including fingerless gloves and a jean vest. Birdie’s bold accessories, including rings, a necklace, and a skull-embellished belt buckle, finish off the extravagant thug’s punk look.

Kick your video game collectibles into high gear today with the Street Fighter Cammy & Birdie 1:10 statue set!

Product size: 24 cm (Birdie) / 11 cm (Cammy)