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DeLorean Full Set

Back to the Future Art Scale Statue 1/10 DeLorean Full Set 23 cm


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Just like in their original appearance in 1985, immortalized by the art of Drew Struzan in the first official poster, the young Marty McFly next to his best friend, the eccentric scientist Emmett “Doc” Brown and his pet Catalan sheepdog called Einstein (exclusive in the DeLorean Full Set Deluxe), together with the most iconic time machine ever made, the legendary plutonium-fueled DeLorean, get ready to initiate one of the most momentous time travels in the history of cinema, in the awarded science fiction directed by Robert Zemeckis, that originated the trilogy of movies and created a successful multimedia franchise with video games, attractions in theme parks, an animated series, and many collectibles. Iron Studios proudly present the statue “DeLorean Full Set Deluxe – Back to the Future – Art Scale 1/10”, portraying one of the most memorable sets from “Back to the Future”, considered by critics and public as one of the biggest science fiction movies and one of the best productions ever made in the 7th Art.

Over a stylized base with the logo that incorporates a futuristic design, the adventurous hero protagonist puts his right leg on the floor of the fantastic DeLorean, wearing jeans pants and jacket over plaid shirts, with his characteristic red puffer vest, he raises his sunglasses to see the time with precision in his digital wristwatch, ready to go on a journey that will completely change his life forever. Thus, Iron Studios present the statue “Marty McFly – Back to the Future – Art Scale 1/10”, presenting incredible similarity with the actor Michael J. Fox, part of the diorama set “DeLorean Full Set Deluxe – Back to the Future – Art Scale 1/10”. Iron Studios will also bring an individual version with the young hero leaning his right leg on a toolbox and with his inseparable skateboard, over a base that can be connected to the base of the statue of his friend and partner Doc Brown with the movie logo in the front.

A crazy mix between the features of the British conductor Stokowski with the physicist Einstein, with a tool bag attached to his belt, the genius scientist dressing white coveralls with the radiation symbol on the back and details in orange, brings his stopwatch hanging from his neck connected to a portable printer in his waist, and checks with anxiousness and concerned eyes his digital wristwatch to coordinate with precision the test of his greatest creation. Inspired by his original appearance on the big screen, Iron Studios present the statue “Doc Brown – Back to the Future – Art Scale 1/10”, the co-protagonist of the movies in the “Back to the Future” franchise, produced based on the original references, portraying a fantastic similarity with actor Cristopher Lloyd and his features. Available both individually, in a base that can connect with the statue of his young friend Marty McFly (sold separately), and as part of the diorama set “DeLorean Full Set Deluxe – Back to the Future – Art Scale 1/10”.

Produced in the early 1980s by DMC (DeLorean Motor Company), the only car ever manufactured by the company, hence the name “DeLorean”, had a futuristic and bold look, with a stainless-steel bodywork without painting and gull-wing doors. Even though the project was brilliant, manufacturing defects, the absence of accessories, and a V6 engine that had a weak performance, and a high fuel consumption led the company to bankruptcy. However, the “Back to the Future” trilogy movies not only brought back the car model but also immortalized it, portrayed ever since as a time travel machine fueled by nuclear power! Iron Studios bring the original version of the time traveling car in their statue “DeLorean – Back to the Future – Art Scale 1/10”, faithful down to the tiniest external and internal details, totally designed based on the original references, thoroughly reproducing each detail and accessory that are part of this iconic and praised machine. Available both in an individual version, and in the format “DeLorean Full Set Deluxe” together with the statues of the protagonist
heroes of the movies Marty McFly and Doc Brown with an exclusive version of their pet dog Einstein.

Revealed during CCXP 2022 and presented in detail during the Inside Iron Studios Day of April on YouTube, both the DeLorean Full Set Deluxe and the individual versions are available for Pre-Order. Check out the other statues of Iron Studios from Back to the Future and other news revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day also available for Pre-Order this month, and soon more exclusive news on Iron Studios’ social media and YouTube channel