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Dumbo Special Ed. (With Timothy Ver.)

Dumbo Master Craft Statue Dumbo Special Edition (With Timothy Version) 32 cm


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Everyone’s adorable little elephant with big ears and a long nose is back to soar straight to your hearts, along with his equally adorable friend Timothy.

Disney’s fourth animated film, “Dumbo” is the first full-length animation to focus primarily on an animal character. The uplifting story focuses on Dumbo, who, originally protected by his mother, is accidentally
separated from her and forced to work in a circus. Starting from being laughed at and mocked, it’s only with his new friend Timothy’s encouragement and support that Dumbo slowly builds his self-confidence and learns how to fly using his iconic, large ears, ultimately becoming a shining circus superstar!

Beast Kingdom’s “Master Craft” collection of highly detailed statues introduces a special edition series for ‘Dumbo’. This time, sporting a pearlescent effect, the intricate design features a soft color palette as his large, signature ears reveal his shy and adorable look. Dumbo is seen here holding a feather given by the crow, now in a blue color, symbolizing the joy of Dumbo as he has his friend by his side. Most importantly, we can’t miss Dumbo’s supportive best friend in his new color scheme! “Timothy” joins the ranks of the Master Craft line-up as he takes the stage with his best friend, adding a little extra touch of warmth with this special edition. Don’t miss out on this exquisitely beautiful Dumbo collectible, which is limited to 999 pieces worldwide. Hurry up and grab him tightly, only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet!

Product Size: 37,5 x 27,5 x 32,5 cm

Limited Edition of 999 pcs worldwide.