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Egon Spengler Deluxe Version

Ghostbusters Statue 1/4 Egon Spengler Deluxe Version 48 cm


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Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Ghostbusters: Egon 1:4 Scale Statue.

The Egon 1:4 Scale Statue pays homage to the brilliant mind and unwavering bravery of the iconic Ghostbusters character, Egon Spengler.

Standing at 19″ tall with an environment base, Egon’s signature look is recreated in otherworldly detail on this fully sculpted piece. His distinctive round glasses and focused expression capture the scientist’s resolute intelligence and courage.

Every aspect of Egon’s phantom-conscious uniform is highly detailed, complete with protective elbow pads and practical gold cargo zippers. From the custom nametag to the Ghostbusters arm patch, every element has been thoughtfully recreated, ensuring an authentic representation that transports you directly into the realm of the paranormal.

At the heart of this collectible stands Egon’s trusted companion: the proton pack. Exuding an air of technological sophistication, the pack rests firmly on Egon’s back with intricate gauges, buttons, and cables.

The PCS Deluxe Edition, limited to 375 pieces, includes an intricately designed proton stream releasing from Egon’s pack.

Do your part in protecting the world from spectral invasions by adding the Ghostbusters Deluxe Egon 1:4 Scale statue to your collection today!

Product size: 48 x 28 x 29 cm