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Stranger Things Art Scale Deluxe Statue 1/10 Eleven 30 cm


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In front of an old decorated wooden door with a colored stained glass with a highlighted pink rose, over the rustic wooden floor of an old house in the distorted and dark version of another reality, the young and brave girl with bare feet fights using all her mental powers, focusing her strength against a mighty, evil, and extremely cruel and relentless foe. Surrounded by tentacles and tendrils red as blood, extensions of the monster she is facing, Iron Studios proudly present their statue “Eleven – Stranger Things – DLX Art Scale 1/10”, with the hero protagonist of the show praised as one of the greatest successes of the Netflix streaming service.

Iron Studios will also bring a regular version “Eleven – Stranger Things – Art Scale 1/10”, with El over the base of the rustic wooden floor, partially covered by the tendrils and tentacles from the dark Upside Down.

Protagonist of the Stranger Things show, Eleven was taken from her mother when she was born in the 1970s by Doctor Martin Brenner, the research scientist director of a project with meta humans in a laboratory in the city of Hawkins. Gifted with superpowers, she was raised without contacting the outside world and forced to forfeit her childhood in order to do experiments with the purpose of espionage. With powers such of telekinesis and telepathy, she was used to spy the minds of the Soviet leaders during the Cold War. In the 80s, during an experiment, Eleven got scared with a faceless monster, and, with only a single month in her head, she open a dimension rift of access to the Upside Down, a dark parallel universe. She escaped the lab and was found by three friends, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, that were searching for her missing friend, Will. Getting the nickname of El due to a tattoo of the number 11 in her forearm, she ended up joining forces and creating strong bonds with the boys to face the creature from the Upside Down, nicknamed by them as Demogorgon.

Created, written, and directed by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer in 2016, and presented by the streaming service Netflix, Stranger Things is a show with elements of sci-fi, horror, and suspense, set in the 1980s, highly themed with cultural elements from that decade, such as the soundtrack and countless references
to pop culture media. After its release, Stranger Things was praised by public and critics alike, guaranteeing 4 seasons and a 5th last one confirmed, still without a release date. One of the 10 best Netflix original shows, Stranger Things became a multimedia franchise, getting book adaptations, collectibles, games, and comic books, besides receiving many awards and nominations such as the Emmy Awards, Golden Globe, British Academy Television Award, among others. Revealed by Iron Studios and already available for Pre-Order, check out the statues “Vecna – Stranger Things – DLX Art Scale 1/10” and “Vecna – Stranger Things – Art Scale
1/10”, and soon more news in their social media and monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day on YouTube that celebrates its 2nd anniversary this month!