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Indiana Jones Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 Indiana Jones 61 cm


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The adven turous Pr ofessor Hen ry Jr. gets a large statue by Iron Studios!

Set upo n a base surrounded by masks and symbols of ancestral ido ls sculpted around it and covered by vegetation from an unexplored wild terrain hidden for ages, the hero ic archeology professor and adventurer challenges himself and any opponent, brandishing his feared whip high in the air, skillfully hand led in his right hand as he cautiously traverses vines and rocks. Wearing his traditional exploration attire consisting of a dark brown leather jacket over a stonecolored shirt, brown pants, and shoes, he carries on an extra belt a holster with a Colt revolver and a leather shoulder bag slung beneath the jacket. Over his head sits his inseparable brown Fedora hat. Known for his profound knowledge of many ancient civilizations and languages and for his fear of snakes, since his first appearance he has become one of the most famous characters in cinema. Iron Studios proudly presents the statue “Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones – Legacy Replica 1/4”, the iconic original hero from the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), directed by Steven Spielberg and portrayed by Harrison Ford, who has become a franchise with four other feature films, numerous video game adaptations, theme park attractions, a TV series, comic books, and collectibles.

An archaeology professo r, adventurer, and protagonist hero of a successful franchise, Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., or better known as Indiana Jones, works part-time as a university professor at Marshall College and is a deep connoisseur of ancient history. Fearless in the face of danger, Indiana, or Indy as he is called by his closest friend s, explores the world in search of rare artifacts of inestimable value, even those suspected of possessing mystical or magical properties. His quests often place him in dangerous situations, where he must face villains seeking to seize priceless treasures for personal gain ornefario us plans of conquest and power. Despite his courage, Indy is terrified of snakes, a condition known as ophidiophobia. He is an efficient fighter and skilled hor seman, reno wned for carrying a whip that he uses both as a weapon and a tool in various improvisations. He often carries some form of firearm during his adven tures, typically a revolver, and a bag to store his found treasures. Created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as a tribute to the action hero es of the 1930s, Indiana Jon es has become one of the most famous characters in cinema. In 2003, the American Film Institute ranked him as the second greatest film hero of all time.

Based on original references, already available for Pre-Order, one of the most iconic classic characters of pop culture, Indiana Jones is immor talized by Iron Studios in the Legacy Replica 1/4 line. Also, check out other already revealed upcoming releases such as statues “Indiana Jones – Indiana Jon es – Deluxe Art Scale 1/10” and the regular version “Indiana Jones – Indiana Jon es – Art Scale 1/10”, and discover more news presented in this Insid e Iron Stu dios Day of June on Iron Studios’ social media and YouTube channel

Size: 61 cm