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Avatar: The Way of Water

Jake Sully (Tsyeyk Suli)

Avatar: The Way of Water BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Jake Sully (Tsyeyk Suli) 21 cm


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After migrating through the sea of the exotic and wild Pandora, and joining forces with the Reef Clan Metkayina in a archipelago, the brave, audacious, and fearless leader of the clan Omaticaya dives into the ocean water, swimming among the vegetation of exuberant colorful corals and an eccentric sea fauna, preparing to fight and defend his family and clan against the Sky People invaders, he carries his assault riffle M69 on his left arm, a reflex of the times when he was still a human marine, while wielding his Na’vi axe in his right hand! From the sci-fi epic, co-written-edited-produced and directed by James Cameron, Iron Studios present their statue “Jake Sully – Avatar: The Way of Water – Art Scale 1/10”, with the hero protagonist of the Avatar franchise, the second release by Iron Studios, inspired by the sequel that was the highest box office in 2022, with 4 Oscars nominations, winner of Best Visual Effects among many other awards.

In the year of 2148, with Earth’s resources rapidly depleting, the
Resources Development Administration (R.D.A.) began exploring the reserves of a precious mineral called Unobtainium in Pandora, one of the moons of Polyphemus in Alpha Centauri. For this mining operation, the R.D.A. employed former soldiers and marines as mercenaries. Pandora is inhabited by the Na’vi, humanoid natives with blue skin, 9 to 10 feet tall, with tails, and bones reinforced with carbon fiber, that live in harmony with the nature and worship Eywa, their Goddess of Life. Incapable of breathing in the atmosphere of Pandora, and due to conflicts with the Na’vi, the human created the Avatar Program, in which they’re mentally connected through neural links to hybrid genetically enhanced Human-Na’vi bodies. Jake Sully, a paraplegic former marine seeks money for a surgery that could heal him and goes to Pandora to take his late brother’s place in the program due to their genetic similarities. In his Na’vi Avatar form, he’s saved by Neytiri, a princess of the Omaticaya clan. Jake gets involved with the Na’vi and receives the mission of convincing the clan to leave their Hometree, which is on top of a huge reserve of Unobtainium. But he falls in love with Pandora, its culture and lifestyle, and joins the clan by initiating a relationship with Neytiri and rebelling against their military superiors. Neytiri is the future Tsahìk, spiritual leader of her clan, she falls in love with Jake and confirms her love under the Tree of Voices. In Avatar: The Way of Water, more than a decade after the Na’vi repelled the human invasion, Neytiri and Jake Sully, as leader of the Omaticaya clan, formed a family while they roamed the expanded world of Pandora, finding new allies such as the Metkayina clan in the oceans of Pandora. But everything changes when the R.D.A. returns once again to prepare Pandora to colonization, since Earth is dying, and among them are the Recombinants, Na’vi Avatars implanted with the minds and memories of deceased naval marines, having the Recombinant of Coronel Miles Quaritch as their leader.

The most modern and innovative techniques in the development and creation, added to the talent and all the teamwork of Iron Studios’ team, bring impressive results seen down to the tiniest details replicated in the sculpture and painting of this statue, reproducing with realism the face features and anatomy of the Na’vi Avatar played once again by Sam Worthington as Jake Sully. Revealed on November 30th, Thursday, in the panel on the Ultra Stage at CCXP 2023 and exhibited after on Iron Studios’ booth, with global Pre-Order already available, check out the statue “Neytiri – Avatar: The Way of Water – Art Scale 1/10”, Iron Studios’ first release from the movie previously revealed at CCXP22, and much more soon on the social media.