Kenshiro vs Raoh – Wannabe

Fist of the North Star

Kenshiro vs Raoh

Fist of the North Star Elite Exclusive Statue 1/6 Kenshiro vs Raoh 59 cm

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59 cm30 kgStatue e Busti FICOFOTNS ,

Figurama Collectors have captured the power and unique fighting styles of each Kenshiro and Raoh from Fist Of The North Star in this Elite Exclusive statue. The statue depicts Kenshiro and Raoh’s final fight in the Hokuto Shin Ken Dojo encapsulated by the Nio Guardians and rubble, with many easter eggs around every corner of the statue.

It comes with 2 swappable busts for each character with bust stands for extra display opportunities as well as Raoh’s famous helmet. You can see Kenshiro using his Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and Raoh using his Heavy Punch with unique details never realised in a statue for the Fist Of The North Star anime. The base doesn’t fade into the background though, with it being gold leaf it shines as bright as the big dipper constellation with in-built LEDs on the front panel.


– 2x Body for Kenshiro
– 2x Body for Raoh
– 2x Portraits for Raoh
– Kenshiro Bust Stand
– Raoh Bust Stand
– Raoh Portrait Stand
– Exclusive A3 Art Print

Limited Edition of 500 pcs worldwide.