Manjiro Sano – Wannabe

Tokyo Revengers

Manjiro Sano

Tokyo Revengers Prisma Wing PVC Statue 1/7 Manjiro Sano 23 cm


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PRISMA WING is proud to present the newest addition to their figurine line, it’s the former leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Manjiro Sano AKA Mikey! He’s from the popular series Tokyo Revengers, an intense and heartbreaking time-lapse suspense story.

With the power to knock his opponents down with a single kick, and a charisma that even delinquents respect, this figurine perfectly showcases the charm of this highly popular gang leader.

The confident look on his face is the perfect representation of Mikey. Not only is the molding and shaping visible, but it also feels as if we can see various emotions being portrayed through his facial expression. Even his signature hairstyle has been painstakingly crafted, with each bundle being precisely molded to make his hair appear as if it’s flowing in the wind.

The gold letters on his long black jacket have been meticulously sculpted. The artists at PRISMA WING have pursued to recreate every detail such as his pockets, the wrinkles in his clothes, and even the belt straps on his shoes. Check out the hints of his flexible body that can be seen through the white shirt. Despite his small stature, you can feel his strength that’s admired by others.

The specialized base depicts the streets of Shibuya, featuring the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang sitting on a guardrail. Together with the overflowing street-like surroundings, PRISMA WING presents this carefully constructed figure of the “Invincible Mikey”.


· The images are of a prototype sample. Actual product may vary.?
· Actual color may appear differently depending on display settings.?

Size: 23 cm