Pinocchio – Wannabe

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Disney Classic Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Pinocchio 18 cm


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Disney’s classic, second animated feature film “Pinocchio” is a story about bravery, honesty and selflessness. After accepting the ultimate test of humanity from the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio embarks on a journey to fulfil his dream of becoming a real boy!

Beast Kingdom’s DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) line of highly articulable action figures launches the main protagonist from the highly revered Disney animated classic. Pinocchio is seen wearing his classic outfit made of real fabric, as well as his signature hat and adorable brown shoes. A variety of accessories includes replaceable hands, donkey ears and the ever so wise tutor to our hero, ‘Jiminy Cricket’, who is by Pinocchio’s side throughout the movie. Don’t forget, whilst Pinocchio is usually a pure an honest hero, if he lies, it’s pretty easy to spot. So, included in the set is the infamous long wooden nose, to match the birds nest and blue birds.

With an abundant amount of articulation, the new DAH Pinocchio is ready for fans to recreate all their favorite scenes. Order your set from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

Accessories include:

– Three (3) types of replaceable facial expressions (Normal, smiling, surprised)
– Three (3) types of replaceable noses (Normal, extended, extended nose + bird’s nest)
– Five (5) pairs of replaceable hands (Open, relaxed, fist, pointing, closed)
– Replaceable Donkey Ears
– Jiminy the cricket (immovable)
– Outfit made of real fabric