Revy – Wannabe

Black Lagoon


Black Lagoon Elite Exclusive Statue 1/4 Revy 53 cm


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53 cm25 kgStatue e Busti FICOBLE01 ,

A den of crime and corruption, the harbor city of Roanapur is home to all the worst villains imaginable, from members of the mafia and yakuza to a colorful assortment of mercenaries and assassins. This Southeast Asian hub is also the base of operations for the titular Lagoon Company. Led by Dutch, a former marine of the Vietnam War, the team of pirate mercenaries smuggle goods around the seas of Southeast Asia, taking on jobs for other criminal organizations and questionable clients.

The sarcastic and ruthlessly aggressive Revy is the main muscle that makes the Lagoon Company a force to be reckoned with. The trigger-happy gunslinger is feared for her deadly marksmanship skills and her dual modified Beretta 92Fs have earned her the moniker “Two Hand”. Keeping both friend and foe guessing as to her next move, this volatile heroine brings all the blazing guns and glory to the explosive crime action story of Black Lagoon.


Revy Elite Solo Statue captures the moment in which the merciless main character launches into action, dual wielding her signature Sword Cutlass’ and living up to her nickname, “Two Hand”. Revy dodges between a hail of bullets as she takes aim at her next unfortunate target. 3 swappable portraits depict her with a wry smile, a lit cigarette in the corner of her mouth, or with an empty magazine between her teeth as she reloads. Options for Revy’s right arm allow her to be portrayed with both weapons at the ready or with one pistol being reloaded.

Hidden in the chaotic scene are easter eggs of Benny’s broken glasses and Fritz Standford’s Luger P08. The tilted bar table serving as the pedestal is riddled with bullet holes and covered in shards of glass from broken beer bottles. Clips of money, playing cards, and a full ashtray go flying as what must have been a quiet establishment is overturned in a burst of violent action. Replicas of Revy’s dual pistols frame the statue base, perfectly matching their smaller counterparts blazing above.

Size: 53 x 31 x 50 cm