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Sloth & Chunk

The Goonies Art Scale Statue 1/10 Sloth and Chunk 23 cm


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23 cm1.5 kgStatue e BustiIron studios IS95276 ,

After a grand scene entrance, sliding down the sail of an old pirate galleon ship, a sturdy and joyful boy, and his newest friend, a giant with a frightening deformed face and limited intellect, but with a good heart, raise their arms in a gesture of strength and triumph. With both wearing pirate hats, the charismatic boy with curly hair smiles holding a curved dagger, while his mighty partner also expresses excitement showing his strength with his muscular body and displaying on his chest the letter “S”, the symbol of the superhero he admires and the initial of his name. From the classic cult film from the 80s, Iron Studios proudly present their statue “Sloth and Chunk – The Goonies – Art Scale 1/10”, with the beloved duo of heroes, members of the group of young bounty hunters, over a pedestal that reminds the floors of the old One-Eyed Willy pirate ship deck.

Iron Studios will also bring the Deluxe version, with the statue “Sloth and Chunk Deluxe – The Goonies – Art Scale 1/10”, presenting the two heroes over a diorama pedestal of the stern of an old pirate ship, deteriorated by time, revealing its secrets such as the part of a treasure, skulls of its old crew members, and hiding the skeleton with medallion of its captain, One-Eyed Willy.

In the U.S. state of Oregon, in a part called “Goon Docks”, a group of children known as Goonies, face the threat of being separated, when members of a Country Club in expansion buy the mortgage of their houses. When they gather for the last weekend together, in the attic of the group leader’s house Mikey Walsh, they find an old map that can take them to the treasure of the legendary pirate “One-Eyed Willy”, which is somewhere nearby. That takes them on a quest for the treasure, to pay the debts and preserve their homes, an adventure in a series of caves with hidden passages, deadly traps, and the threat of a family of notorious prison fugitive criminals. Chunk is like his nickname might suggest, a sturdy boy. Clumsy and gluttonous, he likes doing tricks and pranks by creating bizarre stories. This makes it so that almost everyone does not believe in him and that put him in a lot of dangerous situations. Although he’s afraid at the beginning, he rapidly connects with Sloth, taking to himself the role of his protector, like a brother. Sloth is a member of the Fratellis, a notorious Italian family of criminals, but aside from his big size and strength since he was born deformed and with limited intellect, he is tortured, tied up, and kept locked like an animal by his mother and brothers. When Chunk is imprisoned with him, the simple gesture of sharing a chocolate bar captivates the giant with a child’s heart, creating a strong friendship bond between them, Sloth rebels against the Fratellis, becoming an ally of the Goonies.

Size: 23,5 x 16,5 x 15,5 cm