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The Flash Movie

The Flash (Young Barry)

The Flash Movie Masterpiece Action Figure 1/6 The Flash (Young Barry) 30 cm


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The time-traveling Barry Allen encounters a young version of himself in the alternate 2013 who has yet to attain his Flash powers. Full of excitement and wonder at the arrival of his older self, visiting from 2022, Young Barry is eager to discover whether he is able to gain the very same powers and become a superhero in his own right.

To continue expanding The Flash collectibles series, Sideshow and Hot Toys is presenting the The Flash (Young Barry) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure.

The highly accurate figure captures The Flash / Young Barry in sixth scale figure form features newly developed two cowled heads one in standard form and one depicts his battle damage look. Both heads come with separate rolling eyeballs system. The figure comes with three interchangeable lower faces for more expressions. His costume is recreated and painted to capture the details of his makeshift costume, down to the appearance of a sprayed logo on his chest and caution tapes around his waist. The figure also includes a headset and a specially designed themed figure base with LED light-up function.

Be sure to pick up the figure of Young Barry to enhance your DC Comics collectible collection!