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Tony Montana (Rooted Hair)

Scarface Superb Scale Statue 1/4 Tony Montana (Al Pacino) (Rooted Hair) 53 cm


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53 cm12 kgStatue e BustiBlitzway BWSS22302 ,

We have recreated the appearance of Tony Montana, the protagonist of the movie ‘Scarface’ released in 1983, who portrays the corrupt aspect of human nature confronted by the endless desire for power and success.

Portrayed by legendary actor Al Pacino, Tony Montana’s portrayal vividly captures the character’s criminal facade, inner turmoil, and the gradual erosion of his humanity.

Pacino’s commanding presence and intense gaze, masterfully depicted in ‘Scarface,’ are meticulously recreated through resin head sculpts and Blitzway’s eye insertion techniques.

This figure encapsulates Tony Montana’s journey of moral decay amidst his escalating pursuit of success, accentuated by opulent suits and a diorama base representing a pivotal scene from the film.

With lavish golden railings, plush red carpet stairs, and Tony Montana’s poised figure, Blitzway’s ‘Scarface’ captures the nuanced moments of contrast in his expressions. Available in both Standard and Rooted Hair Versions.

– Statue Size approximately 20.7 inches tall W 225 mm x D 320 mm x H 527 mm (Including Base)]
– Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Al Pacino
– Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits
– Scarface themed base
– One (1) Head
– One (1) Right hand holding a pistol
– One (1) Left hand
– One (1) Necklace
– One (1) Watch