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Jurassic World: Dominion

Tyrannosaurus-Rex Final Battle Ultimate Version

Jurassic World: Dominion Legacy Museum Collection Statue 1/15 Tyrannosaurus-Rex Final Battle Ultimate Version 38 cm


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“The… The T-Rex is here?” – Alan Grant

Prime 1 Studio is extremely proud to present you with the next entry to our Legacy Museum Collection of the Jurassic World: Dominion Film. The 1/15 Scale LMCJW3-03UT Tyrannosaurus-Rex Final Battle Ultimate Version!

In this epic conclusion to the Jurassic World Trilogy, the Biosyn Sanctuary is set ablaze, Owen Grady and his companions try their best to escape as the final battle of the dinosaurs begins. It comes without a surprise that Prime 1 Studio would choose this climactic battle as the next giant reptile to bring to life. The iconic T-Rex, also affectionately known to fans as Rexy, is recreated as fierce and ferocious as ever.

Our exceptional team of artists has come together once again to craft a truly magnificent recreation of Rexy as she rushes toward her enemy in this two-on-one thrilling conclusion that took place at the Biosyn Sanctuary. With a powerful jaw, overwhelmingly muscular legs, and a long, thick tail that extends proudly; The T-Rex is no ordinary foe. A closer look at her skin reveals scars on her back and shoulders that have accumulated over her 29-year history, the very same scars, as a matter of fact, that were left by the velociraptors in the first movie that started it all! All of these are reflected in the elaborately textured surfaces and rich brown coloring with the natural shading effect that shows true craftsmanship. The base features a fossil layering beneath the earth and the crumbles of the sanctuary.

When you order the Ultimate Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor, limited to only 350pcs, your statue comes with an 18-inches tall decorative wall base that has LED light-up functionality. The damaged sanctuary wall is sure to create a more moody and intense ambiance to your piece of Jurassic art.

This statue is sure to be a welcome addition to any Jurassic fan and collector. Bring home the ultimate dinosaur collectible along with its two opponents and recreate the epic final battle of the Dominion film in the warmth of your own home. Limited only to 350pcs for this version, order this LMCJW3-03UT: TYRANNOSAURUS-REX FINAL BATTLE ULTIMATE VERSION while quantities last!

Product Specifications:

– Statue Size approximately 15 inches tall and 29 inches wide [H:38cm W:73cm D:57cm]
– Object Size approximately 18 inches tall and wide [H:46cm W:46cm D:15cm]
– Biosyn Sanctuary rubble from Jurassic World Dominion-themed base
– Biosyn Sanctuary wall base with LED Illumination