Vampira Regular Color Ver. – Wannabe


Vampira Regular Color Ver.

Vampira Action Figure 1/6 Vampira Regular Color Ver. 30 cm


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30 cm3 kgAction figures I8T-ERVAMP1201 ,

You’ve never met Vampira… but you will. She’s been waiting for you for a long time.
Perhaps you’ll run into her in one of those dreams that leave you icy. Still, if you’re lucky,
you’ll see her appear at the stroke of midnight. Vampira is the ghoul that men are dying
to meet. She’s magnificent, exotic, a somewhat macabre slice of womanhood. She’s the girl who
looks thrilling in a form-fitting shroud, a devil-doll who has werewolves panting at her
door. She’s also a girl with a mission – a midnight mission, if you’ll pardon me saying so. She’d
like you to visit her in her attic playroom… a delightfully intimate place where cobwebs
take the place of chiffon curtains and bats flutter restlessly in gilded cages. If the cocktail
table happens to be a tombstone – so what? Vampira pours a drink that is out of this
world. And that’s exactly where a few sips may take you.

Packing List:

– 30 cm tall (approx. 12″)
– 2 x heads with rooted hairs
– Seamless body with over 30 points of artciulation
– 2 x pairs of hands
– 1 x cigarette holder
– 1 x candle stand (poly)
– 1 x black dress with shoes