Vi & Jinx – Wannabe

League of Legends

Vi & Jinx

League of Legends Statues 1/6 2-Pack Vi & Jinx


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32-40 cm16 kgStatue e BustiPure arts PURE009LOL ,

“You think I’m crazy? You should see my sister!”

Join League of Legends champions Jinx and Vi in a sisterly brawl like no other!

The Loose Cannon and the Piltover Enforcer join PureArts’ roster of League of Legends champions! Jinx is captured in action firing her rocket launcher Fishbones. Her shock pistol Zapper and minigun Pow-Pow are by her side and ready to be used in battle. Vi is posed in action with her Hextech gauntlets ready to punch through whatever’s in her way, even her sister.

LED lights throughout both statues bring the details to life.

Connect both statues in the Jinx & Vi 1/6 Scale Statue Bundle together at the base to create an epic diorama!


– High-end 1/6 scale statues of League of Legends champions Jinx and Vi
– Original Jinx & Vi skins
– Highly detailed painted sculpts
– LED lighting features
– Bundle includes both Jinx & Vi 1/6 Scale Statues to form a diorama


– Vi 24 x 25 x 40 cm
– Jinx 24 x 25 x 40 cm